The Low Cost & Reliable SMS
Platform in Uganda

How it works

Five Simple steps;

Step One - Create an Account/Register and LOG IN, It's Free
This enables you to get a Username and Password. Once you have an account and user name, On your Computer browser, Go to, with your username and password log in.

Step Two - Upload Contact File
Save your file in xls or Notepad in this format 256xxxxxxxxx note that each contact goes on its own line. Then go to "Upload Files", browser to where you stored your contact file and submit

Step Three - Choose which customers to send your Bulk SMS message. offers features that allow you to store your contacts into Lists/files. You could have one file with John's Contact and another with Mary's. If you're a company for example, you might have separate lists for your staff and your customers.

Step Four - Type Your Sender ID
Your sender ID could be like the Message Subject Eg: WEDDING MEETING, BIRTHDAY PARTY, ANNOUNCEMENT Etc.

Step Five - Type Your Message and send.
Take note of the character count, 150 Characters is one message and 310 are two messages. Press "Send"

  1. User Name
  2. Password